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Need help working remotely?

 Develop a work mindset

To avoid going stir-crazy, the first step is to setup a daily routine and a workable work space.  It is important to have a defined schedule and stick to it.  Make the effort to get yourself ready for the day (as if you were going to the office) except that you are walking into the next room instead of commuting.  Confine your work space to a specific area of the home.  When you leave the work space, you are 'leaving work for the day'.

  • Maintain regular work hours
  • Plan your normal routine - wake up, getting dressed and prepared for work
  • Schedule breaks - take a lunch break and walk outside into the garden or get some fresh air
  • Limit your distractions

Communicate regularly

The key to working remotely is clear communication and knowing exactly what is expected of you. In the office, you are generally in constant communication with those around you.  Communication is effortless.  Often communication is for simple guidance, affirmation or assistance.  However when working remotely it is easy for that communication to break down.

  • Develop a contact plan - calls, video conference or email
  • Schedule online meetings with video if possible to maintain personal contact
  • Keep in touch with co-workers - use a Microsoft Teams channel or chat
  • Keep your email under control - organise with folders and/or categories 

Take care of your self

Working remotely can be stressful and will take some time for you to adjust.

  • Be positive and willing to adapt to change
  • Take breaks to avoid mental fatigue. Don't watch the TV. 
  • Schedule time to move - get outside for fresh air, walk upstairs (if you have them), do some stretches to get the blood flowing
  • Get support if you need it - talk to your boss or co-workers.   If you need help with a Microsoft Office application, why not talk to our Virtual Office Champion (VOC).