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Virtual Online Training

2 minute read  |   Yölande Eriksen

Virtual Instructor-led training should be hands-on, interactive and engaging


A major barrier to delivering effective online software training is the ability of the instructor to see the learner screens. This is just as important as the learner seeing the instructor's screen.  To be truly interactive, we also need to be able to "point to" or assist learners on their screen.  This is a missing element of most virtual instructor-led training or it time-consuming and clunky to achieve.

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) with Corporate Training Solutions Aust. provides a rich online alternative to “face to face” training. Our VILT platforms combines all the benefits of the traditional instructor-led classroom with the cost-efficiency (no travel, parking etc.), convenience of the virtual environment and interactivity between learners and the instructor. You will experience an immersive training session, not just a trainer with a Zoom account and a shared screen. 

   Our cloud-based VILT platform is specifically designed for online training and enables us to provide: 

   Live training led by an instructor who has a complete overview of all learner screens

   Easy learner access - Log in to the training session with any web browser and internet connection - no software required

   Hands on training - follow the instructor, watch the instructor screen while listening to instruction.  Complete practice exercises online to reinforce your learning.

   The instructor can watch each users screen in real time and provide over-the-shoulder assistance on your screen with feedback where required.

   The instructor can also share any user's screen to the group to enable learners to better understand questions and increase virtual group interaction.

   Instructors encourage and open-mike policy  encouraging discussions and questions in real time.

   Hands-up question facility to ask a question of in the instructor in private.

   Group and individual chat

   Paired with Zoom we add voice and video where you can ask questions in real-time.  Zoom is optional - you can join the training session without using Zoom.


   You will also receive

   Sessions tailored for online delivery

   Experienced VILT trainers who understand the importance of the audience experience - not just the knowledge that they will impart.

   Training Manual - Our step-by-step courseware has been converted to searchable FlipBook eBooks.

   Quick Reference Guide for post course reinforcement

   Online post course support to the level of the course - not time limited

   Certificate of Attendance or if successfully completing the online assessment a Certificate of Completion.


  For best results, you will need:

  A stable internet connection and a web browser like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

  Dual screens is preferable - to enable you to work on one screen with the instructor and/or materials on a second screen.  
  If not available, you can split the screen in two with your work area on one side and the instructor screen on the  other


Transforming Instructor-led Training 

As more businesses embrace digital transformation, virtual instructor-led training is set to become the norm for interactive training.   VILT is more accessible for a remote workforce, and has the potential to minimize time out of the office for office-based workers. VILT programs can deliver training to anyone, anywhere and can be tailored to specific needs for group training.  VILT’s success is, without a doubt, a result of its ability to blend different elements of human-centred and technology-based learning – interaction plus instruction, and caters to the three main learning styles: visual (watching), auditory (listening), and kinesthetic (doing).