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Live Online Learning

Virtual online training
Live Online Learning
Interactive Virtual Learning that Sticks

Our Cloudshare platform makes it easy to provide engaging, hands-on, remote software training in real-time with a live instructor.  Simple and intuitive for instructors and learners. 
We can replicate real-world software environment and classroom training on any browser.

Rich learning environment includes Audio and video for easy communication. Participants can hear each others questions and discussion as if they were in the same room.
No software or downloads required.  We provide a fully provisioned environment with the software required for the training session. Access is through a standard browser - Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox.
Student see Instructor screen and can follow along in real time.
Instructor sees each participant screen and can provide real time assistance.
Instructor can monitor each student's performance and participation in real time with a live environment, and can provide timely assistance when needed.
Each participant has their own training environment - no shared desktops - providing privacy and security.
Instructor can share a student training environment with other students.  Real time collaboration between participants avoiding a sense of isolation.


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