Writing Reports and Proposals

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This workshop is intended to help you prepare professional reports and proposals. At any level in business, government, or industry, you must write reports, to explain things, or to present your research findings. You may also write proposals to convince others of the value of some course of action. Participants are given sample reports to read and review throughout the session, however we welcome you to bring samples for writing exercises or discussion.


1 Day


Anyone who needs to produce reports or proposals, annual reports or board reports, or marketing reports, operational reports or business submissions


There are no particular requirements for this course.

Statement of Attainment

This course can be used as a unit of a nationally recognised qualification. To receive a Statement of Attainment, you must complete an optional assessment task for an additional fee. Some additional self-paced study may be required to prepare adequately for the assessment.

Course Content

Learning Outcomes

  • Basic tools and techniques for research and preparation of professional reports.
  • Types of business reports.
  • Learn to organise your thinking into clear, logical structure.
  • Identify the key elements in a formal report or proposal.
  • Identify the basic methods of presenting information.
  • Identify the key elements of writing persuasive proposals.
  • Identify the signposts readers look for in a professional report or proposal.
  • Learn the guidelines for using signposts correctly.
  • Develop sound proofreading and revision checklists.
  • Learn the mechanics of footnotes, bibliographies and references.

Planning your Report

  • Investigation
  • Resources
  • Search strategies
  • Citing sources
  • Rules of evidence

Planning Sequence

  • Purpose
  • Audience: Primary and Secondary
  • Understanding Audience needs
  • Format
  • Direct and Indirect
  • Evidence
  • Organisation

Main Elements of a Report

Understand and use 6 main parts of every winning business report.

  • Main elements of a report
  • Introduction
  • Body/discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations


  • Sequencing information
  • Chronological
  • Order of importance
  • Problem and solution
  • Least to most
  • Other


  • Rules for headings
  • Parts of a Formal Report
  • Major heading
  • Sub heading
  • Secondary sub heading
  • Headings as signposts

Using Tables and Graphs

Outlining your Report

  • Brainstorming
  • Mind mapping
  • Post-it notes
  • Six Thinking Hats

Influential Writing

  • Grab attention with powerful openings and closings
  • Write endings that motivate readers to take action
  • Subtle tips for influencing readers to 'buy into' ideas
  • How to convey bad news or say no

Business Grammar Refresher

  • Simple guidelines for mastering punctuation and grammar
  • Using parentheses, asterisks and dashes
  • A concise refresher on correct use of verb tenses, subject-verb patterns and pronouns and their antecedents
  • Commonly confused word pairs
  • Short words and phrases for transitions

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