Negotiating for Results

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This course provides participants with the necessary techniques to plan, develop and understand the negotiation process. The art of successful negotiation is based on the careful exploration of opposing positions, and the development of wise and sustainable agreements to support positive 'win-win' outcomes.


1 Day


For team members involved in negotiating, who aim to achieve collaborative outcomes that meet the needs of all parties.


  • Provide structure to increase confidence
  • Provides strategies to create win/win outcomes for resentment avoidance in ongoing relationships
  • Minimises friction between people in long term business relationships

Course Content

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance and benefits of negotiation
  • Identify the phases and tasks in negotiating
  • Effectively utilise tools and techniques to enable effective planning, delivery and review of negotiating situations.
  • Improve productivity via developing an appropriate negotiating style.
  • Use strategies to overcome negotiating barriers and pitfalls by understanding desired outcomes.

Establishing your Terms of Agreement

  • Understanding negotiation objectives
  • Identifying objectives
  • Determining variables
  • Understanding and establishing your requirements
  • Establishing requirements
  • Working with a negotiation team

The Phases and Skills of Negotiation

  • Understanding needs
  • Substantive Needs
  • Procedural Needs
  • Psychological/Relationship needs
  • Phase 1 - Preparation
  • Phase 2 - Interaction
  • Phase 3 - Close
  • Responding to Resistance
  • Opening a Negotiation

Our Greatest Fears and their Implications

  • Humiliation
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of lack of Power

Negotiating Styles

  • Aggressive
  • Co-operative
  • Unfair tactics

Negotiating Strategies

  • Focus on Interests, not Positions
  • Be Concrete but Flexible
  • Be Touch on the Problem, soft on People
  • Developing Objective Criteria
  • Fair Standards
  • Fair Procedures
  • Never Yield to Pressure

Negotiating Essentials

  • Setting your negotiating goals
  • Communicating during a negotiation
  • Questions in a negotiation
  • Know your hot buttons
  • Figure you WAP and BATNA to a Negotiated Agreement
  • Options for Mutual Gain
  • Brainstorming
  • Broaden your options
  • Look through the eyes of different experts

Useful Negotiating Tactics

  • Don't be a Victim
  • Wait it out
  • Establish Limits
  • Share the problem
  • Give a token
  • Use a Third Party
  • Play Hardball
  • Getting People on Your Side
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Handling unethical tactics

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