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Communication skills affect every aspect of your life, both business and personal. Clear communication can be achieved through simple planning and control. Participants attending this course will gain the knowledge and skills required to communicate clearly and effectively in a wide variety of situations.


1 Day


This course is valuable for those who want to strengthen their communication skills and enhance their ability to interact confidently with others.


There are no particular requirements for this course.

Course Content


What you will learn

  • Identify and work successfully with different communication styles.
  • Develop and practice skills that manage breakdowns more effectively.
  • Identify strategies for effectively managing internal dialogue.
  • Develop and practice strategies for being assertive in conflict situations.
  • Give and receive effective and appropriate feedback.

Relating not Relaying

  • The domain of interpersonal communication
  • What works and doesn't work

Creating Communication

  • Different communication styles
  • The flow of a communication
  • Framing
  • End Framing

Ladder of Inference

  • Understanding the ladder on inference
  • How we use the ladder in our lives
  • Reality checking
  • Climbing back down the ladder

From Upset to Opportunity

  • Discovering the causes of upset
  • Choosing an appropriate response
  • Changing upset into opportunity using the idea model

Managing Conflict through Assertiveness

  • Aggressive, submissive or assertive?
  • Ten steps to being assertiveness
  • Managing aggressive behaviour

The Gift of Feedback

  • The Johari Window
  • ABCD's of giving feedback
  • Feedback from pre-course work
  • ABCD's of receiving feedback
  • Practicing feedback

Language of Effective Action

  • Making effective requests
  • Promising
  • Counter-offering
  • Renegotiating
  • Completion

What's Next

  • Action planning
  • Setting projects to complete in the workplace

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Event Date 19-10-2017
Event End Date 19-10-2017
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Corporate Training Solutions Australia
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