Principles of Project Management

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This practical 2-day course introduces delegates to the tools you need to manage even the most complex project. You'll discover how to:

  • Coordinate a team by getting everyone to agree on the objectives and schedules
  • Set a realistic schedule and budget projections
  • Outline and build a specific project plan, step-by-step
  • Make accurate estimates and better manage the expectations of customers as well as management.


2 Days


Project Managers, project team members or anyone new to projects or who need to assist with project deliverables.


There are no particular requirements for this course.

Course Content

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the phases of a project
  • Identify the importance of the PMBOK and PMI
  • Identify five process groups and nine knowledge areas as defined by the PMI
  • Describe a triple constraint
  • Perform a project needs assessment
  • Develop project goals, work breakdown structure and deliverables
  • Create key project documents
    • statement of works, project planning worksheet and project charter
  • Build project schedule by estimating time, costs and resources
  • Create project planning documents
    • schedule, risk management plan, and communication plan
  • Establish and use baselines
  • Monitor and maintain the project
  • Perform basic management tasks and risk analysis
  • Information needed to manage complex project issues
  • Brief descriptions of key concepts
  • Tips on real-world applications
  • Compact case studies
  • The most sought-after skills in project management
  • Tip on how to avoid pitfalls.

Project Management

  • Cost-Schedule-Quality Equilibrium
  • Project Management Functions
  • Project Life Cycles
  • Organising a Project
  • Phases of a Project

Project Stakeholders

  • Stakeholder Roles
  • Project Manager
  • Project Team
  • Management/Sponsor
  • The Customer

Setting Project Rules

  • Project Rules
  • Statement of Work
  • Responsibility Matrix
  • Creating a Communication Plan

Planning the Process

  • Identifying Risks
  • Developing Response Strategies
  • Control

Work Breakdown Structure

  • Building a work breakdown structure
  • Criteria for successful work breakdown structure
  • Planning for Quality
  • Contractors or Vendors and work breakdown structure

Realistic Scheduling

  • Identifying Task Relationships
  • Estimate Work Packages
  • Calculate initial schedule
  • Assign and level resources

Accurate Estimating

  • Estimating Fundamentals and techniques
  • Building detailed budget estimates
  • Generating a cashflow schedule

Balancing the Project

  • Estimating Fundamentals and techniques
  • Building detailed budget estimates
  • Generating a cashflow schedule

Controlling the Project

  • Project Communication
  • Control Documents
  • Change Management Process
  • Close-out Reporting

Measuring the Project

  • Schedule performance
  • Cost performance
  • Earned Value reporting
  • Cost and Schedule Baselines
  • Corrective Action

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