Microsoft Excel is the industry leading spreadsheet which boasts a large range of features from: 

  • its ability to manage complex calculations
  • a comprehensive array of formatting options
  • graphics and charting tools
  • pivot tables - data summarization and visualization tool
  • built-in programming language - VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to automate complex tasks.

We provide a number of Excel courses, each focused at different skills levels and your requirements with Excel. Some courses focus on analysing data with various Excel formulas and features.  The data presentation courses include the functions and features necessary to aggregate data for presentation, formatting features such as conditional formatting and styles and advanced charting techniques.

Microsoft Excel Learning Pathway

Microsoft Excel Learning Pathway


You don't need to spent huge amounts of time to become an Excel guru.  Become more productive with Excel from by attending any of our one-day courses.  You will soon be impressing your boss or work colleagues with your new Excel skills.  Whether you need to improve your use of Formulas and Functions, improve the presentation of information, analyse large volumes of data or need to graphically represent data, we have the course for you.  Browse through our selection of courses for:

  • Managing Data - improve your knowledge of Excel formulas and functions and workbook structure
  • Presenting Data - learn to present data with conditional formatting, styles, charts and other visual elements
  • Tables and Pivot - master the Excel Table and PivotTable features
  • Interactive Dashboards - design and develop interactive dashboards to summarise and visually present KPIs and other management information.

Click Intermediate and follow the course title links for a full course outline of the topics covered.