Adobe InDesign Introduction

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This course is designed for people who wish to master the fundamentals of Adobe InDesign.  Learn  to use its full potential by completing exercises producing ads, brochures, magazine, newsletter layouts and forms. This hands-on course covers many advanced features including tips and techniques for using the Design Tools.


2 Days


This course is designed for new users of InDesign CS5, CS6 or CC versions of InDesign.


Participants must have a working knowledge of a computer and Windows. It is important to be are familiar with the mouse, using standard menu commands and basic file management techniques.



The Work Area

  • Starting InDesign
  • The InDesign work area
  • Changing magnification levels
  • Navigating through a document
  • Working with layers

Page Layout

  • Creating a new document
  • Open/Save documents
  • Setting basic layout options
  • Grids, Guides and rulers
  • Pages and Spreads
  • Adding Pages
  • Defining Sections
  • Numbering Pages
  • Adding Section Marker Text

Working with Masters

  • Editing Master pages
  • New Master pages & Master Spreads
  • Applying Master pages & spreads
  • Over-riding Master page items
  • Layers and Master pages
  • Adjusting layouts


  • Creating Text Frames
  • Setting Text Frame options
  • Linking and unlinking text frames
  • Cutting and pasting text frames
  • Adding a new frame to a story
  • Entering and flowing text
  • Importing text
  • Editing text
  • Checking Spelling
  • Find and Change
  • InDesign tagged text
  • Aligning Text vertically
  • Threading Text


  • Character formatting
  • Letter, word spacing and Kerning
  • Fills and strokes
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Alignment and indents
  • Styles
  • Copying Styles from other documents

Text and Graphics

  • Page Rules
  • Text wrap
  • Converting Text to Outlines
  • Inline Frames
  • Placing Text on a Path
  • Using graphics from other programs
  • Managing links
  • Placing a Photoshop file
  • Placing a PDF file


  • Drawing basic shapes
  • Points and Paths
  • Using the Pencil and Pen tools
  • Drawing curved segments
  • Drawing techniques
  • Creating compound paths
  • Smoothing paths
  • Erasing paths
  • Corner effects
  • Strokes, fills and gradients


  • Moving objects
  • Scaling and Rotating
  • Reflecting and Shearing
  • Locking objects into position
  • Aligning and distributing objects

Colour and Transparency

  • Colour management
  • Apply colour & gradients to objects
  • Creating a Tint
  • Creating a spot colour
  • Applying colour to text
  • Applying transparency settings


  • Importing and formatting tables
  • Adding graphics to tables
  • Formatting text in tables


  • General Printing controls
  • Scale and Fit
  • Printing Postscript to disk
  • Pre-flight and package
  • Exporting to PDF

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